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Free 30 minute Online English Lesson

Published date
20 August 2019
United Kingdom
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I teach Conversation English Business English Speaking for IELTS, FCE, CAE, CPE Writing for IELTS, FCE, CAE, CPE Writing correction and feedback by email only Interviews Book a Free Trail Lesson so that we can get to know each other and make a study plan for you. If you would like to see me, go here Email - alan@ Skype - alanlaoshi Website - Conversation These classes are useful for exams, but also for people who want to improve their speaking for business or pleasure. In these online English conversation classes, we talk about topics or news (a list of topics is here) but we can also do role plays about common situations from shopping to complaining. Culture usually comes into these classes too. If you would like to increase your fluency, then we can start by personalising your classes even more and talking about the things related to your own life such your home, job, hobbies, family and so on. Once you can speak fluently about the things you know, it’s easier to transfer that to other topics. In these conversation classes, I can correct immediately, or send you a report after class (example) with details of your pronunciation, fluency, errors and so on.  If there are errors you make repeatedly, I have a method that will help you realise what you are doing wrong, so you can practice yourself if you want to save money. Regarding people who want to take classes for pleasure, choosing topics and talking about them is a good method, but if you have anything you would like to talk about, tell me either in class or before class by contacting me here. We can also discuss topics from the newspaper, such as politics, economics, finance, or sport. (please remember these are English lessons, so English is more important than opinions) Business For employees, managers, and employers who need English for their jobs or businesses.  Class content: 1/ Discussing common business problems such as recruitment, negotiation, planning, and so on is popular.  2/ Practicing small talk for socialising or networking in business situations is useful for many but is difficult for some because the topics can change quickly.  3/ Identifying your business English problems which aren’t always obvious to you.  As in every other class, I will correct you and also send you an after class report (example) so you know what you have to do to improve. If there is any other way, I can help you such as helping you with presentations or speeches, please contact me at alan@ and tell me what you or your company need. Speaking for IELTS, FCE, CAE, CPE These classes help you with your English-speaking test, whether it’s IELTS, First, Advanced, Proficiency, TOEFL, TOEIC, or another. Whatever exam you are going to take, we start with a full mock test to find your strengths and weaknesses, then progress to the more detailed analysis of each part. Taking IELTS as an example: 1 lesson - Tips If your test is soon and you only want one class, I can give you tips that will help your speaking on the day of the test. 5 lessons - you improve what you can already do If you want to practice with a native speaker for several lessons, then I suggest the package of 5 lessons. During those lessons we can go through each part step by step, so you know exactly what you should do. If you know what to do, you are more confident. If you are more confident, you are more relaxed. If you are more relaxed, you speak better. In all 3 parts, you will practice ways to get the best out of what you can do, including - how to easily speak for 2 minutes, what to do if you don’t know the answer, and what to do if you have no idea about the question. 10 lessons or more - you learn proven strategies to get the score you need for each part. If you really need a higher score, then we can practice strategies for each part of the exam. Part 1 - You practice specific methods to answer any Part 1 question like a native speaker Part 2 - You practice a specific strategy so that you are prepared to answer any Part 2 topic well. This strategy is supported by topic vocabulary quizzes on a mobile app. You must also do the extra work required to make this strategy succeed. If you do that, you will have no difficulties when you have your test. Part 3 - You will practice the best ways for you to organise your Part 3 answers and be easily understood. We will also practice what to do if you don’t understand the question or if you can’t think of any ideas. Exam confidence   In class, we will practice the details of these exams, not just asking and answering questions all the time. These details include: - note-taking - how to write effective notes - confident pronunciation and fluency - how to improve hesitation - how to improve vocabulary - how to improve grammar range and complex structures. - how to use speculative agreeing and disagreeing language. - more I will be strict and correct some of your mistakes in class, but will also send you an after class report (example) detailing your fluency, pronunciation and errors. These reports also have general comments on your performance and how you can improve.  Remember, it’s better to mistakes in class than in your test. In class, I can help you, I can’t in your test, but I can teach you to help yourself. These things help you know what to do in any situation in your speaking test. If you know what to do, you’re more confident if you are more confident, you speak better, so your score improves. Writing for IELTS, FCE, CAE, CPE I offer academic essay writing lessons for essays for IELTS, FCE, and CAE, as well as lessons about writing emails, letters, reviews, reports, articles, memos and so on. These lessons are the same as speaking classes on Skype, Zoom, or Weixin but we share our screens and write the essay together. Please note: The main emphasis will be on what you can do to improve, rather than just learning a course. It is useful to have a prepared essay to correct first, so you know what you are doing right and wrong. We will compare sample essays so you can recognise the parts of the essay that you need to improve. Sometimes we will write essays together, sometimes I will guide you. You will get homework to complete, so that you know the difference between the question types, can prepare for class, and so on.   As far as letters, emails etc are concerned, we shall also concentrate on tone and register to make your writing formal, semi-formal, or informal.   I do not give writing classes for university papers, theses, longer articles, or books.   We will cover planning, paraphrasing, body paragraphs, conclusions, proofreading, common vocabulary, where and how to insert advanced grammar, such as concessions, conditional sentences, inversions and so on.    These academic essay writing classes are much more useful if they are booked as a package, and it is also useful to have them in coordination with essay corrections by email. That way you can practice what you have been taught while saving money. By Email Only - Essay Correction and Feedback by Email for IELTS, FCE, CAE, CPE By email only, there is no Skype class. Booking time is only, so I get paid You email me your essays or personal statement; I spend an hour correcting them and giving you feedback, then I email it back to you. 1/ I give you feedback on the general structure and content of your essay paragraph by paragraph. 2/ I correct what you have written for grammar, some vocabulary and some punctuation. 3/ I compare your essay to the official scoring rubric. A copy of the rubrics for Task 1 and task 2 here   This method has several advantages 1/ No face-to-face class time 2/ It saves you time 3/ It’s cheaper because it saves me time. Interview Practice I give you an interview for you to prepare your interview skills for a new job or university course. You will build on your strengths, strengthen your weaknesses and get advice on how to answer each kind of question.  If you feel under pressure, we will also talk about methods for you to feel less stress and perform well in your interview. It’s better if you tell which kind of job or course you are applying for, then I can prepare accurate questions that will push you harder and make you think about how you would answer other questions. Past examples are management, graphic designer, game designer, systems engineer. If you have specific interview questions you want to practice, please tell me and send them first here. As in every other class, I will correct you and also send you an after class report (example) so you know what you have to do to improve.